Dynaudio LYD 8 Nearfield 8″ Studio Monitor

Dynaudio LYD 8 Nearfield 8″ Studio Monitor



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The biggest 2-way monitor in the LYD series. LYD 8 is a redefinition of our previous Professional monitors. A redefinition that helps you redefine your artistic expression.
With its 8in MSP woofer and state-of-the-art DSP, LYD 8 provides the kind of performance, precision and bass heft that dreams (and maybe hit albums) are made of. Like the rest of the range, these nearfield monitors let you tune their sound for their position in the room, feature handmade drivers, and contain advanced Class-D amps.


  • Nearfield Monitor with 8″ Woofer
  • Bi-amped speaker design with 50W HF/80W LF and state-of-the-art Class-D amplification
  • Bass extension to extend or curtail the low end frequency response
  • Two different tunings: one for free standing and one designed for speakers within 50 cm of wall
  • Sound balance to influence the overall response of the speaker
  • Made in Denmark







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    Thông số kỹ thuật

    • Max SPL (1m, pair): 112dB
    • Principle: Bass reflex, rear port
    • Crossover Frequency: 3.9kHz
    • Tweeter: 1in soft dome
    • Mid: N/A
    • Woofer: 8in
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 234 x 369 x 328mm
    • Weight: 10.2kg

    Sensitivity (85dB @ 1m, free field)

    • +6dB: 50mV
    • 0dB: 100mV
    • -6dB: 200mV


    • Power (Tweeter/Woofer): HF 50W/LF 80W
    • Type: Class D
    • Power consumption standby: <0.5W
    • Power consumption max.: 100W
    • Input voltage: 90 – 264V AC, 50 – 60Hz
    • Inputs: XLR balanced/RCA unbalanced
    • Outputs: N/A

    Cut-off frequencies -6dB limits

    • Bass extension +10Hz: 65Hz – 21kHz
    • Bass extension 0Hz: 55Hz – 21kHz
    • Bass extension -10Hz: 45Hz – 21kHz
    • Free field frequency response: 55Hz – 19kHz